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What We Do


Concept Creation

Unique theme creation will be planned by our creative team and each step of the process will be carefully examined by project team regarding the needs (y)our event with alternative solutions.

Custom Stage Productions

Depending on the event main necessities we offer you custom live and/or production performances for opening, closing and launch scenes which adds value to flow.

Event Management

Upon your request we manage (y)our event a to z regarding your needs.

Promotion & Branding

We are here to get the best experience from (y)our current and potential customers through custom designed demo stands, branding & promotion solutions upon your needs & brand identity.

Live Music & Concerts

Due to your needs we are ready to add live music to (y)our events, this can be a classical trio or and international celebrity band.

New Product Launch

By following each step of your product brief and corporate identity we offer you local and international solutions with alternative solutions.

Procurement Consultancy

When you are in the need of buying and/or renting a custom service or product, we are ready to assist you during the process by our multinational solution partner network.

Staff & Networking Events

We believe that to be able to add value to your business your employees and/or business partners needs to feel them a unique part of your company, when you want to make them so; we are ready with custom solutions.

About Us


Our success comes from your trust! During numerous local and international events we have hosted in several uniforms, we have learned to put ourselves in your shoes…

Our strength comes from our eager to learn; not only us but also our business associates believes that each event is something new.

On each unique event we host, we always follow our promises.

During the process we keep hoping the very best but also get ready for the worst.

We are here to add value to your brand trough (y)our corporate events…

We believe that the key point of success in our business is not based on an aiming a bigger slice from the cake on the desk, but baking a bigger cake together.

Thank you for your kind trust…